S&P BSE Sensex

19,715.75 -200.20 (-1.01%)


5,845.20 -62.10 (-1.05%)


29,319.00 230.00 (+0.78%)


6,407.00 21.00 (+0.33%)


48,591.00 394.00 (+0.81%)


61.7600 0.32 (+0.52%)

Nikkei 225

13,879.12 -145.19 (-1.05%)

Straits Times

3,137.59 -0.49 (-0.02%)

Hang Seng

23,023.03 -115.51 (-0.50%)


3,019.95 3.55 (+0.12%)

Axis Bank

1,064.60 -27.95 (-2.56%)


309.60 -5.75 (-1.82%)


781.85 -16.85 (-2.11%)


898.10 -32.50 (-3.49%)

SENSEX 19715.75 -200.20 (-1.01%) NIFTY 5845.20 -62.10 (-1.05%)

Financial Services

The Solace Group was established with a mission to provide trustworthy financial services under one roof. We strive to provide customized solutions for wealth creation and wealth growth resulting in high level of customer satisfaction with uncompromised integrity. Managing one's financial future can be easy, worry-free and more exciting with our help. Solace opens the door to these highly lucrative investment opportunities that could provide feasible solutions to all your financial queries. Broking is one of the youngest and fastest growing arms of the solace group. It provides retail as well as institutional broking and depository services. Solace group's financial services arm is a-one-stop solution for all your financial needs. We offer a complete range of investment products which covers Equities, Commodities, Currency derivatives, Mutual Fund, IPOs, etc through our various channels. Simplification of investment process is one of our core values. It is for this reason that over the past several years, Solace Group's strategies have incepted the E3 clients' time and money. We focus on attractive risk-adjusted returns and absolute positive returns!business model to maximize value for

Equity Trading

Equity Market, at present, is a rewarding field for the investors and investing in Indian stocks are profitable for not only the long and medium-term investors, but also the position traders, short-term swing traders and also very short term intra-day traders. Fundamentally, stock market is an avenue for business people to meet shareholders. Equity is an investment area which you can capitalize on with proper assistance regardless of the market circumstances.

Commodity Trading

Our company has been providing commodity trading facilities and related products and services on and MCX and NCDEX. With its Strong research Base and latest execution platform, SOLACE is well positioned as a preferred broker in the institutional as well as retail Market, Our offerings include Commodities Broking Services, Hedging Solutions and Arbitrage strategies strongly supported by a team of experts committed to provide market advice to meet the requirements of all kinds of market participants. We enable our clients to invest and trade in bullion, oil, spices, metals, energy, petrochemicals and other commodities.

Currency Trading

The Currency market is the largest and most liquid financial futures market in the world. Currency derivative market all over the world is more transparent, mature and highly liquid compared to equities and commodities. A few years ago, government's approach towards the currency market was conservative and it was available only to exporters and importers and that too, via banks and few other financial institutions. At present, the currency market is open for all namely - investors, traders, arbitragers, exporters, importers, etc. We provide intra-day, positional and long term, in-depth analysis and research for the currency market. Solace is serving many exporters and importers for hedging their currency risks.